Do you need writing?

Hello! I am a writer and editor by trade, with several years of experience in the business.

Writing composition and editing services

I began my professional writing career by editing and composing articles for a British National Health Service magazine. Gradually I moved into freelance commissions, with positive appraisals buoying me to eventually work full-time. Today as a prizewinning novelist, I can genuinely state that the English language is a passion of mine and that it is with gratitude that I make a living with words.

Do you need a quality article? A business report you haven’t time or inclination to make? A letter or invitation to an associate? A website shimmering with professionalism?

If you require any of these things, you may consider taking me on. My specialisms are:

  • Proofreading and editing short and long texts.
  • Well-researched articles and features.
  • Formal and informal letters of introduction.
  • Non-fiction eBooks and eBook editing.
  • Business reports and meeting minutes.
  • Webpages, including blog posts and static pages.
  • General web content.

I also offer speech writing services geared to formal events, plus consultation on website presentation, content improvement and publishing.

I am happy to consider work commissions and offers of single or recurring tasks. Please note that for initial jobs, I must request payment in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.

To discuss a commission or reach out, please use the contact form. Discretion is the better part of valour.